Air Tool Whip Hose



Air Tool Whip Hoses which distances an air tool from its air supply to prevent vibration is highly recommended by Health and Safety.

The vibrations caused in the use of air tools make a coupling connection subject to Health & Safety Regulations.

See ISO 4414:1998 and EN 983:1996 for safety requirements covering the installation and use of pneumatic equipment.

A Health and Safety Guide has been produced which covers the use of pneumatic equipment.

The Health & Safety Executive Guide HS(G) 39 states "requirements for quick acting couplings apply to most percussive and vibrating air tools, which may be fixed or handheld. If a quick acting coupling socket is fitted at the hose end adjacent to the tool, the plug should not be screwed directly into the inlet port but should be fitted onto a short isolation hose (0.5m to 1m long), thus isolating the plug and socket from the tool vibration."

The International Standard (ISO 6150:1998) recommends a minimum of 300mm of flexible hose to be used between a vibrating tool and a quick acting coupling.

Hose Inside Diameter: 7 mm / 1/4 in
Hose Outside Diameter: 14 mm
Hose Length: 0.6 m / 2 ft

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